Track 7

Thought I might make my first blog post light!

Just a bit of housekeeping. I have never been an excellent writer, that is all you need to know. But please feel free to read along anyway. Go ahead and cringe through my grammatical errors. Welcome to my blog! 😉

Now back to the first blog topic – Track 7.

Today as I played an old CD in my CD player. Yes, guilty. I sometimes still do that. Listen to music in a CD player. And yes, the disc was a bit worse for wear, woefully skipping every so often. I remembered what it was like when I  returned home with new music I had purchased with pocket money (I had earnt at my after school job) or if I had been gifted music for my birthday. The excitement. It was in a time before YouTube and iTunes. Back when most cars either had radio or cassette tapedeck. And in most cases a Walkman cassette tape extension was required if wanting to play the music through the car speakers.

If I hadn’t played it in the car on the ride home or in the Walkman, I would race to the CD player and play a bit of each song in anticipation of Track 7. Just that anticipation was pure happiness.

Not to mention picking up the album booklet out of the sleeve and flicking through looking at which pictures, colours, disc art and such the artist had used. It was the jackpot when they included the lyrics! It meant the world to me at the time. I wouldn’t have to listen to the song multiple times to write down the lyrics to be able to sing along to the song over and over. Sad I know. Sometimes popular magazines used to include a lyrics section or booklet. I lived for those too. I guess that was part of the fun. Now lyrics are a click away.

Don’t get me started on music programs. Sitting there on the weekend watching video film clips and the music. Ahhhhhh

……5 times out of 10 my favourite song on the disc happened to be Track 7.

The amount of times I played Faith Hill’s “The Way You Love Me”, S Club 7’s “Gonna Change The World”, Britney Spears’s “Lucky”, The Corr’s “Irresistible” and Savage Garden’s “The Animal Song”, I am pretty certain my family knew the words. Perhaps even still know the words even if it is only on a subconscious level – I am sure of it. Isn’t it amazing some of the memories that flood back? It might be a small detail now but back then it was a big deal. I am pretty certain I swore that in the event I release an album, Track 7 being the best was a must. Not even kidding.

Sadly on more recent music albums I have, Track 7 hasn’t always been my favourite like it was back then, maybe it was the transition to mp3. Who knows. Alas, do not feel sad for me….Track 7 lives on in my old, flat, round musical babies.

What was your favourite Track?


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