I wonder weather…

My favourite time to walk is late afternoon.

My favourite thing about an afternoon walk is to see the sun setting, to see the trees & grass blowing in the BREEZE, to hear the hum of crickets and cicadas, to hear birds having meetings on tree branches, and most enjoyably FEEL the weather. Take it all in.

I have found the optimum temperature that really improves my mood is warm 27 degrees with a brisk breeze and low humidity. Absolute perfection. To feel that calm and quiet associated with that time of day but also feel a buzz of evening energy where the streetlights are about to illuminate. Ahhhh.

In Australia we get this long grass that has pink cloudy blossoms at the top, am not certain what it is called but it is considered a weed. To me it is sunlight gold. It is amazing to see when the sun shines on a cluster of them. They give off a pink diffuse glow, and from time to time a golden glow also irradiates.

Always a pleasure to see the moon make an appearance in the late afternoon. Even more pleasurable when one half of the sky to my right is ominously darkening & starting to twinkle in contrast to a sunlit blue sky to my left.

Blessed when there are shades of pink, orange, gold & purple amongst it….

Blessed to feel a dark blanket envelop me and see all the silhouettes & shadows, whilst the crickets step it up a notch.

I have lived in the city and in the country. I feel more of a connection to the country sunsets. The open space and getting more of a breeze and walking on a road near bush land, river or a farm holds a special place in my heart. It calms me. More so if I can hear running water but regardless it calms me. It is my Diazepam (Valium). Each with it’s own unique scent.
Scents. Whether it be in the country or in the city….one of the things I like to do….especially on brisk or Wintery nights but admittedly guilty of this all year round…is guess what neighbours/strangers are going to be eating that evening based on the dinnerly aromas wafting from their houses. I can smell their pumpkin, their chicken soup, their sponge cake, their roast, their rissoles, their bolognese sauce…! Does anyone else do this?!


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