Making sense of a Secret Part II

You have been invited to a function with your partner. There is a predetermined unspoken expectation that you and your partner will go to this function as it is a huge deal, like a wedding/milestone birthday/etc Your partner would really like to go to this function. You love your partner. This function isn’t really your thing and you don’t like the people going, they get on your nerves, you don’t enjoy their dramatics, you’d much rather stay at home. What do you do? 

The Answer to that question is: ________________________

Just kidding. There is no answer! I guess it depends on YOU & YOUR RELATIONSHIP as to what you do. 

You might say ‘No I am not going.’ Your partner might be devastated.Your partner might be okay with it. Saying ‘no’ in certain situations where you want to can be daunting. It can lead Tia disagreement or even sometimes a newfound respect for you being honest.

You might say ‘Yeah I will go’ as you you are happy to go to keep your partner company and willing to compromise in this situation, which means agreeing to things you might not normally go to. You might get the enjoyment of seeing them do something they enjoy!

Unfortunately it can get sticky and complicated. And these two blog posts only touch on what complicated beings we are, merely food for thought. 


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